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Maternity sessions:

There is something very captivating about pregnancy, the miracle of a new life being created within makes a woman radiate with beauty and strength. Amy is very passionate about women capturing this beautiful time in their lives, she will make every effort to fit in all maternity sessions, please try to book as early as possible to ensure a spot.  These sessions are done on location, either in your home or a special outdoor location. If you would like a stylized maternity session, it is important to book earlier in your pregnancy to ensure the time can be spent understanding and creating your vision. The general date range for maternity sessions is 28-33 weeks depending on your comfort level. Amy believe’s that all women should feel like a goddess while having their maternity photos taken, to help with this Flora Photography has a collection of maternity dresses and accessories available to all maternity clients. If you are interested in looking through the collection please mention it once you have booked.

Lifestyle Newborn sessions:

These lovely sessions are done in the comfort of your home, capturing your new sweet baby in the first few weeks earth side. I will look for the best source of light to create beautiful images for you. The most common spots are your bedroom, living room and baby’s nursery. I will bring with me simple white onesies and a small selection of muslin blankets, wraps, bonnets and headbands for you to use during your session should you desire to. If you would like to use a sleeper and/or blanket from your home instead that is absolutely okay. I ask that you keep in mind these sessions are pure and simple in natural and contain very organically un-posed newborn shots. The general time frame for these sessions is 1.5-2 hours to allow for feeding and snuggling time, should it be necessary. *Please note, Amy takes on a very limited amount of newborn sessions, make sure you book early to ensure availability.

Simple Studio Newborn sessions:

These sweet sessions are done in my in-home studio, capturing your wee babe in the first two weeks earth side. The advantage to a session in my space is the knowledge I have of my homes’ natural light source. I can achieve consistent, even and soft lighting throughout your entire session. I also have access to my whole collection of newborn props, including simple white onesies, muslin blankets, knit blankets, wraps, bonnets/hats and headbands as well as baskets and buckets for simple posing. Additionally I offer a set of baby led posing on my professional newborn posing bag. These sessions are still kept very nature and un-cluttered but offer a bit more structure to the photos as well as variety created with different set ups. The general time frame for these sessions is 2-3 hours to allow for feeding and snuggling time, should it be necessary. *Please note, Amy takes on a very limited amount of newborn sessions, make sure you book early to ensure availability.

Feeding sessions:

These sessions capture the beautiful bond between mom and baby that happens while nursing or bottle feeding your child. Gently brushing their cheek, soft smiles, holding hands, your child curled tight to your body. These sessions are all about connection and honouring this incredible sacred ritual on your motherhood journey. Feeding sessions can happen in your home or out in nature; where ever you and your child will feel most comfortable. The photography session will compliment your feeding session in length.

Herbal/milk baths:

These sessions are outer worldly, absolutely magical. They are perfect for mamas wanting to capture the essence of motherhood bonds with their child. Imagine sinking into a warm cozy comfortable bath with your babe, holding them close, enveloped in a bath infused with healing herbs and beautiful flowers. Its a full body experience, beautiful as it is relaxing. Did I mention that you get photos of it too 😉 Read more here.

Mama and Me sessions:

These are some of my favourite sessions. Beautiful and pure, these sessions capture the raw beauty of motherhood. A connection that is so fierce and protected as it is fleeting. These sessions are 1 hour in length and can occur in your home or out in nature, outdoors, they are usually shot in the evening golden light which adds to the magic. Mama and me sessions are about connection and play and time spent together, there will be wild laughs and plenty of emotion as we come together to preserve this beautiful chapter. Think of them as a precious date with your child. One where you come away with tangible items to match the imprint on your heart.

Wild Heart Sessions

Wild heart Sessions:

These sessions are healing sessions. These sessions are about YOU, stripped of all the masks you wear. You showing up and celebrating and reconnecting to the beautiful soul you are. Releasing all the struggle and societal pressure you are under and allowing the pure soul you carry to be revealed and celebrated. Wild heart sessions are a chance to take rest in mother earth, to let her sink into your bones. We will spend 90 minutes together in a natural area, be it creek, forest or meadow. We will journey and connect together unveiling the unique essence of your wild heart. You will be left feeling lighter and deeply loved with a great sense of peace and of course the beautiful imagery of you, rooted in the strength and beauty of the earth and yourself. *These session may also take place in the comfort of your own home if you desire.

If you have any questions about any of the session above please do not hesitate to send Amy a message, she is always happy to help.



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