Love Notes

This past spring I contacted Amy about taking maternity photos of me carrying our third son. I had never felt the desire to have photos taken during my previous 2 pregnancies. I was a bit of a snob about it, feeling like the endless parade of maternity/newborn/family photography I had bore witness to on social media over the course of my 20’s always seemed cheesy or contrived. Kitschy even. One sleepless third trimester night I found myself scrolling through Amy’s gorgeous Instagram feed. Image after image of these diverse and beautiful women and babies and I felt like I was truly seeing these people. Like the best part of them was captured in each photo and they were all so different and special. I know Amy from high school and she has always been the sweetest, most heartfelt mama and I decided that night that I needed to see what she could capture of me in this moment that I felt so peacefully blessed with another healthy pregnancy.

I showed up for my session on a hot April day, sweaty and feeling a little awkward in the last stretch of my third trimester. Not knowing my best angles or if I even had any angles left at this point and Amy immediately put me at ease. She helped me choose dresses and got to work posing me and telling me how gorgeous my belly was, just happily snapping and chatting away and I realized I didn’t feel awkward at all. I felt relaxed, calm and very much myself. The photos I received from this session speak for themselves. They are some of mine and my husbands most prized possessions. One day I hope to hand them down to my boys to show them how happy I was during this season of our lives when I got to carry them in my body and in my arms.

I went back to Amy once our little guy was born and she took the most beautiful photos of him as a squishy newborn that I will always treasure (and secretly wish that I had images of my older 2 boys taken by her when they were that small). I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift with the world. The honesty in her photos does so much justice to people’s true beauty and we need more of that in this day and age. Just soulful and real. ~Lynai D


My children have had 3 sessions with Amy between the two of them. The photos from these sessions are by far my absolute favourite photos of my kids ever. She captures them perfectly, from the simplicity of a newborn to their budding personalities during their cake smash sessions, the photos are beautiful and treasured. Amy makes you feel more than comfortable during the sessions and showed genuine interest in hearing my son’s birth story which, at the time we had his newborn session, I hadn’t really processed yet. It was almost therapeutic. You will not be disappointed if you choose Amy to capture this special time in your life. The photos she captured hang proudly in my home where all of our guests can see them. We get compliments on them all the time! ~Karen L


Doing my maternity photoshoot with Amy will always be one of my sweetest memories of my pregnancy with our little girl. Amy is so amazing to work with because she’s just so kind, humorous and calm. I was nervous about the session, worried I would look awkward or not be able to follow her directions well, but being in her welcoming presence that lovely afternoon allowed me to feel so comfortable. I got completely lost in so many magical moments of feeling so close to our baby – I never dreamed I could feel like that during a photoshoot. The beautiful photos she gave us from that day captured those feelings so perfectly and I’ll truly cherish them forever. ~Emma S


Someone once said, “life is a collection of moments”. But what happens when those moments get hazey? What happens when the tiny details that you swore you would hold onto, quietly start to slip away? When I look at my photos that Amy has taken, I not only get to remember how I looked carrying those little lives, but also how I felt. I see the excitement, fear, exhaustion, love and anxiety that come with welcoming baby 1. And then the calm, comfort in knowledge and experience that came with our second child (with still a bit of anxiety). I also see so much of my children’s personality in our newborn photos, at just a few days old, Amy was able to capture their essence. ~Erin R.


Amy has taken our maternity and newborn photos for two of our three boys and all I can say is that they are my most cherished photos! I had specific visions for both of my maternity shoots and Amy not only captured exactly what I was looking for but went above and beyond to make them so beautiful. I call her the baby whisperer because you can pretty much expect she will get those perfect newborn shots for you! She is the only maternity/newborn photographer I recommend to people! ~ Ashley B.


Our session with Amy during my pregnancy was full of laughter and adventure as we explored snow covered trails. Her warmth and lighthearted spirit made us comfortable from the first shot. Our newborn session was equally as wonderful. The set up in her home was perfect, with warm cozy blankets, relaxing music and aromatherapy. My partner and I relaxed while we watched how Amy interacted with our son with such love and care as she photographed him. Amy captured such beautiful moments in photographs that we will cherish forever. ~Laura D.
Amy did the photography for both our boys, as well as our maternity. Her work has always exceeded our expectations. She has a remarkable ability to capture the most precious moments. She is absolutely wonderful to work with, professional and warm in her approach. ~Sara L