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Herbal Baths for me are such a beautiful way to capture your baby in their fresh newborn stage. These sessions are incredibly calm and relaxed and compliment any newborn session or are beautiful on their own. They come with the added bonus of being a healing experience for you as well. A truly unique way to remember all the tiny details of your baby as well as capturing that sweet bond you have.

Below, I have made up a FAQ about herbal baths.

How are these baths healing for my baby and I?

For mama’s they provide perineal healing by soothing discomfort and the aroma created is incredibly relaxing. For baby they provide a start to healing the umbilical cord, help to sooth the skin and prevent dryness, irritation  and baby acne.

Which herbs do you use in your infusions?

Calendula: Heals wounds, with anti-inflammatory properties; it controls bleeding and heals damaged tissue.

Camomile: Soothes anxiety and inflammation, it’s antibacterial, anti fungal and a natural antibiotic.

Comfrey: An incredible healing herb. Comfrey is used as an anti-inflammatory astringent/ointment . It also heals wounds and speeds up the healing process.

Lavender: Promotes relaxation and restfulness, it is known for it’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which can aid with bruising.

Urva Usi: Another Antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent.

Which flowers will be used for the floating flowers?

I usually use in season blooms or herbs and greens. If we have done a newborn session together, I will try to collect colours that are complimentary to those used in your session. If you have something specific or sentimental that you would like to use, we can discuss and try to make that happen. Also, you are more than welcome to use flowers and herbs from your home garden.

Am I naked for these sessions?

You can be, it is completely up to you and your comfort level. You can wear underwear and/or a sports bra if you would feel more comfortable. Just note that if you are choosing a herbal bath over a milk bath; these items may take on the colour of the bath.

How does this work, what are the steps?

The evening before your session, I will make the herbal infusion and collect the flowers or herbs for your session.  If you give babe a full feed just before our session is to start and have them in just their nappy, wrapped in a blanket, the transition is far smoother. Also, turning up the heat in your home will help to ensure babe’s comfort. Once I arrive, we can draw the bath, add the infusion and flowers and begin.

Will the bath stain me, my baby or the bathtub?

The bath infusion does not stain the skin and although it may leave a ring in your tub (like what appears in a teacup) I bring cleaning supplies with me to clean them afterwards. As said above, the only thing that may take on the tea colour would be your clothing, if you’re mindful not to wear your fancy knickers, all should be just fine.

Do I need a window in my bathroom to book these sessions?

Yes, you need to have a natural light source in the bathroom. If this isn’t an option in your home, check with your close friends, a little buttering up and some puppy eyes go along way 😉

Will you be posting these photos?

Some photos from your session will be posted, yes. However all photos will be carefully and considerately shot and I will ask for permission prior to posting anything.

I hope that was helpful in answering some questions you may have regarding herbal baths. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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