Caylee & Brady {Calgary Maternity Photography}

This session was just magic. We walked through the grass leading down to a special nook in one of the back corners of Fish Creek Park, a special part that I often visit with my family on our summer strolls in the evenings. I remember when I was here last summer I thought to myself how it would be so perfect for a maternity session because of the way the sun set behind the edge of the creek. It’s as though everything gets dipped with a golden paintbrush. The sunny haze hanging in the air on this particular evening was otherworldly and Caylee and Brady only added to the feelings that it stirred. Their love for each other was so evident and it was beautiful to just witness them interacting with each other, tenderly and full of joy. Being with them was easy, they felt like old friends and we chatted and joked around and it hardly felt like I was working, which is really when I know that we are creating something beautiful together. And my goodness were we ever. While I waited for the images to import, watching the tiny thumbnails fly by as they came in, I was itchy with wanting to get started. They were something out of a dream. Works of art. I am beyond grateful to have been their photographer and to capture this part of their story.